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TC-20 Thermocutter Hot Knife

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Hand Held Thermocutter (Hot Knife)

Product Description

The new TC20 Thermocutter is designed with you, the user, in mind.

  • Lightweight, less than 12 ounces
  • The TC20 is designed for on/off operation
  • No heavy transformer
  • Overheating handle?  Not with the TC 20
  • Use the blades of your choice with the TC 20

In the past, thermocutters have been heavy and their handles overheat due to the transformer in the tools’ handle.  With the new TC20, both of these issues have been solved.  The tools’ new electronics eliminate the need for the heavy transformers of the past, bringing the tools total weight to under 12 ounces.  Without the need for a transformer, the handle will no longer overheat in the user’s hand.  Blades heat instantly from 0 – 1050 degrees and temperatures are easily adjusted by using the convenient thumb wheel.  Dual settings allow you to use the standard sized blades or the very long and/or thick blades once only used with the model ZTS24 & 25 Thermocutters.   The TC20 is designed for on/off operation.

Comes with one T3mm blade, hex wrench, wire brush and instructions, see our wide assortment of blades for various applications.

See a short video online at https://youtu.be/YPt7wMMcukM

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