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Silicone Heaters
Silicone Heaters

Silicone Heaters

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Using our wide heat Silicone Heaters now gives you the ability to heat Thermoplastic material up to 6” wide. These heaters are ideal for material up to 1 ½” thick or thin material that requires a wide radius. Silicone heaters are also ideal for heating rod or tube material due to the flexibility of the heater allowing you to bend or wrap it to fit your material. Temperatures can be easily controlled using the optional AEC15 Power Controller. All heaters are 5 watts per square inch and heat to a maximum surface temperature of 475°F.

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4101 1”x29” 1.2 amps/145 watts, 4102 2”x29” 2.42 amps/290 watts, 4103 3”x29” 4.83 amps/580 watts, 4014 4”x29” 7.25 amps/870 watts, 4201 1”x41” 1.71 amps/205 watts, 4202 2”x41” 3.42 amps/410 watts, 4251 1”x53” 2.17 amps/265 watts, 4252 2”x53” 4.41 amps/530 watts, 4253 4”x53” 8.83 amps/1,060 watts, 4254 6”x53” 13.25 amps/1,590 watts, 4301 1”x101” 4.20 amps/505 watts, 4305 1”x125” 5.2 amps/625 watts, 3003 ¾”x6”x12” Insulation for under heaters, AEC15 Power Controller

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