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Welding Rods (Plastic)

Plastic Welding Rods

Get the best plastic welding rods! 

Why is choosing the correct welding rod so important?

When welding plastic you must match the welding rod to the material you are welding; example HDPE to HDPE – never mix material! Choosing the right welding rod is the major factor in determining the success of a weld and the strength of the joint. We only sell plastic welding rod manufactured using the highest-grade resin. If you don’t see the type or color plastic welding rod you are looking for please call us at 800-694-1472 with any custom orders.

At Assemblysupplies.com all our welding rods are made from the highest possible grade resin and are shipped from stock.  You can buy welding rods in a choice of 5 pound coils, and 10 or 30 pound spools. The following welding rod sizes are available in,

  • 3mm (1/8”)
  • 4mm (5/32”)
  • 5mm (3/16”)
  • 5.7mm profile/triangular 
  • 7mm profile/triangular

Questions regarding welding rod - Call us if you don’t see the type, size, or color you need.